Gostai provides free and personalized Support Programs

Gostai provides free support at various levels with extensive tutorials describing the Urbi Language, quick video introductions, detailed documentations about key aspects of the technology and user forums for a direct interaction with the user community.

Personalized support and training is also available directly from us:
  • Bronze Support provides a cost effective first level of email based support to help you bootstrap your Urbi experience.

  • Sliver/Gold/Platinum Support is available for integrators, robot manufacturers or universities, with a dedicated support engineers reachable by phone.

  • Per day training is also available from us upon request. We will provide a full introduction to robotics, programming and Urbi, together with practical example sessions on real robots (Aibo)

to know more about our support and training offer.
Support Usage Duration Type Validity Price
Occasional questions or minor software adaptations. 1 hour email & phone 90 days 199€
Technical assistance: minor adaptations and consulting. 7 hours email & phone 90 days 1299€
Significant technical assistance in development to create custom applications. 28 hours email & phone 1 year 4999€
Significant development assistance, for customers on a critical project path. 42 hours email & phone 1 year 5999€

We reply to your requests in less than 48h (working days only).
Subscribers will be warned that credit is nearly finished when more than 80% is used.