Gostai supports robocup teams

Sandard platform league
Standard platform league team will use Aldebaran Nao® which is already compatible and bundled with Urbi.

Check the Urbi for Nao® webpage for more information.
Other platforms leagues
It's also easy for to urbify custom robots and benefit from Urbi's unique features in the Robocup competitions. Check urbiforge.org to discover what you can do with Urbi
Support program
Gostai Robocup support program is open to every robocup teams and gives free access to Urbi and an automatic membership to the Academics & Club program including a full Gostai SDK for Linux, Mac or Windows. It also includes a Bronze support pack to help you urbify your robot and a one year Gostai Studio license.

Apply to our Robocup teams support program

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