Urbi SDK

Everything about Urbi SDK 2.x. Includes a quick-start, complete installation instructions, urbiscript tutorial and reference manual, UObject middleware architecture tutorial and reference.
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Getting Started
Hands on!

urbiscript Tutorial
How to program in urbiscript, from the basis up to concurrent and event-based programming.

A useful starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions about Urbi, UObjects, and urbiscript.

Urbi Reference Manual
Specifications, for advanced users: Urbi programs, UObjects, urbiscript, urbiscript library...
UObject Manual
The Urbi architecture: core components, middleware, UObjects (C++ components)...
urbiscript Reference Manual
The specifications of urbiscript: a definition of the language.
Release Notes
User-visible changes in Urbi releases.

Specific Urbi features for some of the platforms it was ported to.

Bioloid ROS
Mindstorm NXT Segway RMP
Nao Spykee
Pioneer 3-DX Webots


Old documentation

For any documentation before Urbi 2.0 please check the Urbi 1.x documentation