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Gostai Suite Download Trial
The Gostai Suite includes Gostai Studio , our graphical behavior editor, which is now available and shipped with Gostai Lab , a universal remote controller, to easily program and interact with your robot. The Gostai Suite also includes Gostai Console, a graphical telnet, and Gostai Editor a simple editor to edit your urbiscript code. [more...]
Pro Edition - 2990 €

Classroom Pack - 1495 €
5 license-pack

Gostai Studio Download Trial
Gostai Studio is a complete IDE solution to graphically create behaviors described a hierarchical finate state machine (HFSM) for any robot or complex system. [more...]
Pro Edition - 1990 €

Gostai Lab Download Trial
Gostai Lab is a powerful tool to graphically design GUI using parametrizable widgets that you simply drag and drop on a customizable layout. [more...]
Pro Edition - 1490 €

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Gostai Support packs
Gostai provides Support Packs for integrators, robot manufacturers or universities, with a dedicated support engineer reachable by phone or email. [more...]
Bronze Support - 199 €

Silver Support - 1299 €

Gold Support - 4999 €

Platinum Support - 5999 €

Check our Support Pack page to compare our support packs offers.

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Gostai goodies
Gostai goodies are available through our online Gostai goodies shop.

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