Telesurveillance tool


A watchman that never sleeps

Jazz Security is equipped with a camera capable to detect movements and intruders. It can also patrol places and shoot videos of suspicious activities, and alert you via email or SMS. Did you ever wish the watchman would never sleep?

As soon as you have been informed of an alert, you can take control of Jazz Security using a special telepresence interface that will let you see in real-time what is happening.
A Laser Rangefinder will soon be proposed with Jazz Security. This powerful device allows Jazz to build a map of the area where it stands, and then use this map to localize itself.

Using this map, which is diplayed on your screen, Jazz Security can follow a series of waypoints that you set up for him, and patrol according to your needs. It can also patrol randomly, to avoid regular patterns that could be used against it.

Simply put, Jazz Security is worth tens of fixed security cameras, because it can move and cover large areas while being a single investment. If you need to secure a new site, there's no need to reinstall anything: simply move Jazz Security to the new place.
Advanced features
Jazz Security stores a history of past alerts that you can check from anywhere with a simple web browser, including videos and comments.

Jazz Security sees in the dark and wide angles to better understand ongoing events. Depending on your needs, it can also be configured to enter into action at specific times in the day.

Advanced wifi routing capabilities give Jazz Security the ability to cover very large areas without any loss of service.


Jazz Security in action


What is the difference between Jazz Security and security cameras?

Jazz Security is a telesurveillance tool, a completely new way of looking at a very old need. It is interesting to compare it to existing traditional videosurveillance solutions to better see the advantages it brings:

Jazz Security security cameras
Autonomous patrol
Lighting dark areas
Discouraging intruders
Easy setup
Easy relocation

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