Build a customized robot using a reliable base platform with Urbi 2.0 Open Source for the Segway RMP.


The Segway® Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP) is a powerful, durable, and customizable research platform. The RMP uses the same components that carried a Segway® PT rider more than 4,000 miles across the United States. Gostai and Segway® have built a strong partnership to bring you the best combination of robotics hardware and software.


Gostai Suite
for Segway® RMP:

Download the Gostai Suite
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for Segway® RMP

This version is limited to the Segway RMP.
Click here if you are interested in the general edition.

Gostai Studio [videos]
Gostai Studio is a complete IDE solution for developers or hobbyists to graphically create behaviors for any robot or complex system.

Gostai Lab
Gostai Lab is a powerful tool to graphically design GUI using parametrizable widgets that you simply drag and drop on a customizable layout.

Client/Server approach
Thanks to the Client/Server architecture of the runtime, you can have several Labs and Studios running in parallel and interacting with one single running system.

For more information about Segway®, visit Segway®'s web site.

For more information about Segway® RMP, visit Segway®'s RMP dedicated web site.