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Better, faster...
Industrial and Service Robotics raise challenges in terms of complexity, security and compliance with international standards.

Gostai RTC can help you to create your applications better and faster, whether in robotics or in complex system orchestration in general.
Standard compliant
Gostai RTC comes with the first and most advanced implementation of the OMG RTC Standard (Robotic Technology Components).

Gostai RTC components can be written and assembled in pure C++, they can also be orchestrated using urbiscript and mixed with Gostai UObjects.
Based on components
Gostai RTC allows to create components and drivers (UObject and RTC) which can run on top of Gostai RTC Runtime.


Integration of Gostai RTC in your project.


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All our products come with one year of free upgrades.
All our products are compatible with Gostai Suite, available separately.
Please contact us for volume rebates or specific business models.


What is the difference between Urbi Open Source Edition and Gostai RTC?

Urbi is only a part of Gostai RTC, which includes a host of industry-relevant standard compatibility layers, extensions or support options described here:

Urbi Open Source Gostai RTC
Multiplaform Windows / Linux / Mac OS X
Compatible with Urbi
Commercial license (1)
Full RTC implementation
Runs on real time operating systems (xenomai)
8h commercial support included (2)
(1) The commercial license allows to create proprietary application without having to distribute the source code.
(2) Gostai RTC comes with silver support : Technical assistance: minor adaptations and consulting 8 hours, email & phone, 90 days



Gostai RTC SDK
Gostai RTC Runtime
Compatible Robots
Gostai RTC SDK
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 200 Mo Hard drive
  • more than 1Ghz CPU
  • Windows (Visual C++ 2005 2008)
  • Linux for all cross compilation build
  • Mac OS X &lgt; 10.5
Gostai RTC Runtime
  • 16Mb RAM
  • 4Mb of ROM
  • CPU
    • more than 200 MHz
    • x86 or ARM CPU
    • contact us for other processors supporting C++ toolchain
  • Supported operating systems for Gostai runtimes:
    • Windows (Visual C++ 2005 2008)
    • Linux (gcc 4)
    • Xenomai
    • Mac OS X above 10.5
    • contact us for other OSes
Compatible Robots