Since Urbi 2.1, Urbi includes integration with ROS and urbiscript.

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Urbi is compatible with ROS, what does it mean exactly?

Once the ROS UObject is loaded, Urbi becomes a ROS node and

In two words, how does it work?

Instead of controlling your ROS node from a shell, you will

// Initialize our object.
var  talker  =  Ros . Topic . new ( "/chatter" );
// Advertise (providing the ROS Type of this topic).
. advertise ( "std_msgs/String" );

// Get a template of our structure.
var  msg  =  talker . structure . new ;
[ "data" ]   =   "Hello ROS world" ;
<<  msg ;

'% trans "more information on" %} ROS integration with Urbi

Can you give me an example of cool stuff made available with ROS integration with Urbi?

The example below illustrates what you can do by combining
// The turtle screams once each time it's on the top of the wave.
// 'angular' is bound to the turtle orientation.

at   ( angular   >=  2.29 )
echo ( "Yeeha!" );

{   // Bind "angular" to a trajectory.  This statement is neverending.
tag:  angular  =   0.3   sin:   2s   ampli:   2 ;  
echo   ( "Pfew!" );
}, // The "," terminator sends the whole code block in background.

// Leave 20 seconds to the turtle before stopping its ride.
( 20s )   |  tag . stop;

Why did you bridge ROS and Urbi?

We think that ROS and Urbi are really complementary

What's the difference between Urbi and ROS?

Like ROS, Urbi has a distributed component architecture in C++.

Also, Gostai provides with Urbi a suite of graphical

Could I use Urbi UObject components and ROS nodes at the same time?

Yes, the two systems can work together. Using urbiscript you

Will Urbi run on the PR2?

Since Urbi can import and use ROS nodes, and the PR2 runs on Linux Ubuntu, it can be interfaced with the PR2 right now.

Where can I get news & updates about your future plans?

You can subscribe to our newsletters to get information about technical updates (urbi-news) or general robotics information (gostai-trends).

You can get more information about ROS on