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Jazz is powered by Urbi, our innovative, simple to use, yet powerful Operating System for complex systems, available in open source for your own project.

It includes a C++ distributed component architecture, a parallel and event-driven script language for orchestration, and many modules and interfaces. Check our community web site http://www.urbiforge.org to know more.

It is already compatible with many platforms, including Nao, Aibo, Segway RMP, Sparx, and the amount keeps growing!
Based on components...
uobject Urbi allows to create components and drivers, called UObjects, which can run on top of Gostai Runtime.

You can import UObjects written in C++ and plug them in urbiscript to use them as normal objects inside the language.

You can also run a UObject as a remote object, a simple autonomous executable in Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. You don't have to change a single line of code to switch from embedded "linked" mode to remote mode.


Orchestrated with urbiscript
urbiscript The urbiscript language is a dynamic script language, focusing on prototype-oriented programming and object programming.

It supports and emphasizes events programming and parallelism, two major paradigms in complex systems programming, by offering language constructs and primitives. urbiscript also includes tags which allow execution flow control.

Open Source
Urbi is open source with an A-GPL license that makes it available freely for everyone to use, check and share, while maintaining a dual licensing model providing support and advanced features for commercial partners.

Urbi is also integrating ROS support to be able to integrate ROS nodes inside an Urbi project, and benefit from the best of both worlds.


Integration of Urbi in your project.

Visit urbiforge.org for more information about Urbi

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