Everything you need to know about Open Jazz

What is the difference between Open Jazz and the other versions of Jazz?

The pack consists in:
  • Jazz
  • Software Development Kit for Jazz which allows programming it
  • Gostai Suite = Gostai Lab + Gostai Studio (standard price: 2990€)
  • 28-hours support pack (standard price: 4990€)

Is Urbi compatible with ROS?

Yes, Urbi and ROS are compatible.

Can I get full a specification sheet and documentation?

Yes, all hardware technical characteristics are available upon request.
See Jazz Documentation for general information

Can I extend Jazz? Is there a USB port?

Yes, a USB port is available. An optional tray lets you mount any USB accessory on Jazz.

Is there a central repository where I can find software component?

Yes, we have a dedicated community page where users can exchange code and discuss about issues in forums: www.urbiforge.org

Besides Urbi, are there other development tools?

Yes, Urbi can be used together with Gostai Suite:
  • Gostai Studio: Graphical programming tools to design behaviors as hierarchical finite state machines.
  • Gostai Lab: a GUI builder, to easily interface and interact with your Jazz.

What is the warranty?

Jazz is guaranteed during 1 year. Extended warranty is available at 1500€ per year (or 2800€ for the laser version).

Can I get extra support?

Dedicated support packages are available from bronze 190€/1h up to 5990€/42 hours with a one year validity. You can also take part in a 2-day Urbi training session in Paris for 1490€ (special price for Labs & Universities)

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