Open Jazz is an integrated, ready to use, mobile plateform based on open source software for research


State of the art technology
Jazz was designed for service and research, with state of the art technology, an articulated head mounted with an LCD screen (optional), a docking station, an engaging design for rich interactions with humans and the Urbi open-source middleware for fast programming and flexibility.

  • Fast moving & robust
  • 8 ultrasonic sensors, 4 IR sensors, high-end 30m range telemetric laser for autonomous navigation (optional)
  • Automatic docking on a charging station (5h of autonomy)
  • Wifi 802.11G connected
  • USB2 port and removable tablet support for extra accessories (cameras, modules…)
  • Atom N270 1.6 GHz or D510 1.66GHz processor with Linux OS (Ubuntu 10.04 server)
  • 2 camera types: 1600 X 1200 – 30 FPS - Vision angle: 90° OR 720 x 576 – 25 FPS – Vision angle: 170°
  • 1 optional 30m laser sensor Hokuyo urg-30lx
Fast and easy programming with Urbi


What makes Jazz unique compared to many other mobile platforms?

Check below the key differences between a typical development mobile platform and Open Jazz:

Open Jazz Typical development mobile platform
Engaging design for interactions
Docking station
{% trans "Integrated directional screen
(other robots’ screens do not move)" %}
Articulated head with colored eyes to express basic emotions
Urbi: advanced, open-source, rock solid SDK interfaced with standards
1m high


Developpment tools

Urbi can be used together with Gostai Suite:

Gostai Studio
Graphical programming tools to design behaviors as hierarchical finite state machines.
Gostai Lab
A GUI builder, to easily interface and interact with Jazz.
more about the
Gostai Suite
more about the
Gostai Suite

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