Create and edit advanced
behavior graphs for complex systems.

Gostai Studio is a complete IDE solution to graphically create behaviors for complex system like robots, simulations or video games.
It's also the best high level tool available to program Open Jazz.

You can easily create hierarchical finate state machines with an intuitive editor, create reusable libraries, export your work as a generated code, visually follow the execution in real-time, debug and integrate it with your C++ UObjects.



Compare Gostai Studio versions.

Gostai Studio Pro Edition Edu Edition Trial
Use academic and commercial use educational and teaching use only personal use only*
(10mn sessions)
Play, Pause & Restart graphs
Real-time state feedback
Interactive Console
Error reporting
Behavior editor
Urbiscript editor
Code generation and export
Project mode (2011)
Debugger / Breakpoints
Step by step debug (2011)
UML import through generic XMI format
[Eclipse readable](2011)


Play, Pause & Re-start
Real-time visualization
Error dock
Generate code
{% trans "The first primitive components in Gostai Studio are nodes. Nodes represent simple behaviours and emcompass urbi-script code.

Complex behaviours are created through a set of connected nodes; what we call a graph. Gostai graphs are hierarchical : you can insert nodes within nodes." %}
Transitions carry the conditions required to go from one node to another.

Transition code can be edited in the script window.
Play, Pause & Re-start
{% trans "Press Play to launch your graph execution.

You can then press Pause to stop it for a while and press Play once again to re-start your behavior just where you stopped it.

If you want to stop you behavior, the stop button is also available." %}
Real-time visualization
In Gostai Studio, you can follow the execution of your behavior.

Nodes and transitions highlight while the graph is slightly hidden to focus on the active part of the graph.
Gostai Studio comes with libraries for generic or specific systems.

You can drag and drop nodes and transitions from these libraries and link them to custom nodes in your graph.
Like in every tool of the Gostai Suite, a console is available to allow you to send commands or get information from your robot.
Error dock
The error dock is the perfect tool to locate errors in your behaviors.

Simply double-click an error and the related node is hilighted and the corrupted code appear in the script window.
Generate code
Gostai Studio generates editable urbiscript code from the description of the machine.

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