Aldebaran robotics Nao now bundled with Urbi

Nao® is the current most evolved humanoid robot available on the market in its price range and is already shipping to universities

With a computer at­ its core, it is a unique, evolving and fully programmable platform. Nao is now shipping with Urbi.


Nao® is compatible with the Gostai Suite

Gostai Studio[videos]
Gostai Studio is a complete IDE solution for developers or hobbyists to graphically create behaviors for any robot or complex system.

You can easily create hierarchical final state machines with an intuitive editor, create reusable libraries, export your work as a generated code,
Gostai Lab
Gostai Lab is a powerful tool to graphically design GUI using parametrizable widgets that you simply drag and drop on a customizable layout.

You can then export your interface as an application to remote control a robot, monitor sensors, cameras, or use the console to directly send urbiscript commands to your system. Gostai Lab is all you need to get started!
Client/Server approach
Thanks to the Client/Server architecture of the runtime, you can have several Labs and Studios running in parallel and interacting with one single running system.

For more information about Aldebaran and Nao®, visit Aldebaran's web site.