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How to be sure that your company will attract attention in a trade show? How to make the first impression from your customers a memorable one? Be innovative and rely on Jazz's eye-catching design to promote your brand.

The field tests we have conducted are clear: people like Jazz, spontaneously interact with it and pay attention to what it says or displays. Put your brand's name on it, or make it say your company's messages and you can be sure that it will be told and remembered.

Jazz can be entirely customized and can enliven stores and fairs. It can also welcome visitors in your main lobby or give a personal innovative touch in your office.
Easy to use, easy to deploy
No need for an expert in robotics to know how to use this little guy. Jazz Icon is entirely configurable via a simple web interface.

It can be remote-controlled with a wireless joypad or via any web browser, where the image of the camera is displayed. To use this latter interface, you only need to have a working wifi access ready where Jazz operates.

Jazz weighs only 8kg, so it is easy to move around and setup in a tradeshow. It comes with a protective box to make it easier to pack it with the rest of your booth material.
What can it do for you?
Jazz can tell any message via text-to-speech technology or through a microphone via the web interface. You can pre-record them and activate them randomly when a face is detected, or remote-control them with the push of a button.

Of course, you can have Jazz display your company logo, your colors or any message that you like. It can carry leaflets or cookies on a small removable board, and Jazz even knows how to dance!

Jazz can be used in both fairs and company halls to promote an innovative and original image. Jazz can welcome and guide your guests for you, serve people at a party... The possibilities are endless.


What makes Jazz Icon the best marketing vector for you?

Jazz is a branding tool. It is unlike anything else you have ever seen, and here is an example of comparison with more conventional in-store displays:

Jazz for events In-store display
Attention drawing
Innovative image

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