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How does Jazz Security work?
Jazz Security can be remote-controlled or move on a programmed route by itself. While on its way, it detects intrusions by looking for movements in the image, and alert you accordingly.
To remote-control it, you only need to log in to a dedicated secured web interface you can access via any web browser. Jazz connects to the Internet by wifi with a secured connection. Thanks to the video camera it is fitted with and that transmits what Jazz sees, you can see what it sees in real-time. To make it patrol on its own, you first need to show it the route it will have to patrol. Jazz Security will map its route by itself. When the mapping is done, you only need to choose points of interest you want Jazz Security to check on and it will patrol on its own.

How do I check on a place with Jazz Security?
Jazz Security is fitted with a video camera, which records its surroundings in real-time. You can see these recordings on an intuitive web interface that you can access via any web browser. From that interface, you can easily move Jazz so it will inspect the area and see what is going on.
Jazz Security can also patrol autonomously. To do so, you need to first take Jazz Security on the route you want it to patrol. It will do its own mapping of the place, which you can then use to pinpoint places you want Jazz Security to check on. Jazz Security is then ready to patrol.

How do I set a route for Jazz Security to patrol?
Before you set a route for Jazz Security to patrol, you need it to visit the place and move around the place it is going to patrol. Jazz Security will then map its route in real-time and you can give it specific points it has to check on.

Why should I use Jazz Security instead of fixed video surveillance cameras?
Video cameras have many shortcomings. They tend to often be very costly in the long run and if the area to cover is large, you will need to get a lot of cameras to check every corner. Jazz Security is a security camera that moves, so it can cover a very large area without extra charges. It can also go where humans can’t go because of security, confidentiality or trusting issues.

Can Jazz Security check on a warehouse on its own?
Jazz Security is meant for great spaces that take a long time for humans to patrol. It is particularly designed for warehouses and atypical environments with dark areas as it can light its way thanks to its LED power lights.

Does Jazz Security replace a watchman?
We think that Jazz Security can be an excellent addition for a team of watchmen, or simply provide a way to monitor complex areas which are not easily covered by a set of fixed cameras, and which are not accessible to humans because of dangers or confidentiality issues.

How long can I use Jazz Security and how do I recharge it?
Jazz can move during more than 5 hours in a row. When it needs to be charged, just drive it close (1 meter) to the charging station and it will automatically dock itself. The Laser version of Jazz Security will manage even the first step autonomously.

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