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What services can I get with Jazz Icon?
The following rental services and customizations are available for your events:
Service Price
24-hour rental 1800 €
Logo/branding sticker 150 €
Full graphical customization 400 €
Programmed joystick to control Jazz 100 €
Set-up of 10 pre-programmed voice messages with a choice of 10 different voices 150 €
Tray100 €
Laptop 150 €
Event Pack: logo + joystick + voice messages + tray 400 €

How do I use Jazz Icon to promote my brand?
Jazz Icon already promotes your brand with its elegant design and appealing look. It will surprise people and attract attention in a positive way. You can also use it as a in-store display with a tray or any accessory you see fit, or by simply giving it your brand’s colors. You can also have it speak out for you and deliver informative or marketing messages. It can tell any sentence with a synthesized voice or prerecording. Ask us for a custom voice if you need it.

Can you give me some typical use cases of Jazz Icon?
You can use Jazz either on a trade show, to attract visitors to your booth, or in the main hall of your company’s headquarters to welcome visitors, or simply in your office to give it a unique touch that people will not forget. Many people also enjoy Jazz as a telepresence device when it’s not used for promotional activities.

Why should I use Jazz Icon instead of a regular in-store display?
Contrarily to a regular in-store display, Jazz can move around, so it can cover a larger area with less investment. But above all, it’s Jazz Icon's ability to attract attention that makes a difference. It’s almost impossible to ignore its cute-looking design!

How do I make Jazz Icon say my slogan?
Jazz can talk. If you would like it to say a particular message or slogan, you only need to type it on the interface so it will say out loud the sentence you’ve typed. You can also have it play music if you would like.You can also associate buttons on a remote controller to specific messages, or have messages play each time Jazz detects a face.

What image does Jazz Icon promote of me?
As a branding robot, Jazz Icon conveys an elegant and innovative image.

Can Jazz Icon do tricks?
You can customize behaviors for Jazz, like small dances or light shows with its eyes. Ask us for some tricks and we can program them for you.

How long can I use Jazz Icon and how do I recharge it?
The robot can move during more than 5 hours in a row. When the robot needs to be charged, just drive it close (1 meter) to the charging station and it will automatically dock itself.

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