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How do I use Jazz Connect for long-distance communication?
Jazz Connect is perfect for long or short distance communication, because it uses the Internet to transfer information. The connection is done by wifi or 3G (available soon), and you can connect to Jazz’s web interface via a web browser. To communicate, you only have to speak through a microphone and a speaker to hear what is said around Jazz, or write the text you want Jazz Connect to say via text-to-speech technology.

What use is Jazz Connect when I can use Skype?
The big difference with Skype is that Jazz Connect can move around.
What’s more, its head can rotate, which enables it to fully take in its environment and transmit it to the dedicated web interface it is connected to and which you can access via any web browser. We think that it’s a radically new way of communicating that enables more informal interactions and natural, unplanned encounters, unlike a scheduled conference call.Jazz Connect can move according to your needs, which means you are not limited to only one place. You can even meet your coworkers at the coffee machine for a short break!

Can you give me a few examples of typical use cases of Jazz Connect?
Imagine: you are sitting at your headquarters' and want to check how production is running at your factory in Asia or how the next shipment is going at your subcontractor's. You are working from home and want to keep in touch with your colleagues and know what people talk about in the office. You could also be at the airport, waiting for the plane to board, and you take 5 minutes to make a quick visit to your company’s offices and chat with people there. Either that or you really want to see these new offices abroad, but you don’t have the time to get there before next week. It’s ok, someone installed a Jazz there and you can move around the place to see how it looks.

What should I install to use Jazz Connect?
You don’t need to install anything as Jazz uses regular wifi and soon 3G to connect itself to the web interface, which you can access via a web browser and which enables you to control Jazz. As long as you have an Internet connection and you log in to its web interface, you can control Jazz easily and in a very natural way. You only need to click on the image for Jazz to move where you want.

Can I use Jazz Connect while abroad?
Yes. You can definitely use Jazz from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection using wifi (or 3G soon). The experience will of course depend on the quality of your Internet access and on the distance to Jazz.

How long can I use Jazz Connect and how do I recharge it?
The robot can move during more than 5 hours in a row. When the robot needs to be charged, just drive it close (1 meter) to the charging station and it will automatically dock itself.

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