Urbi 2.7

All the versions of Urbi packages are available here.
An introduction about Urbi, including a video, can be found here.

What's new in Urbi 2.7.6?

This release is a repackaging of Urbi 2.7.5 using the 3-clause BSD license. Not all package were regenerated. You can use packages from 2.7.5 which are compatible.

Package Types

There are three kinds of packages:

Urbi SDK (urbi-sdk-*)
The full Software Development Kit, including the full documentation in HTML and PDF. These packages are made for computers on which applications are developed.
Urbi Runtime (urbi-runtime-*)
Only what is needed to run Urbi programs. These packages are made for robots running these applications. They do not contain the documentation.
Urbi Documentation (urbi-doc-*)
The whole documentation, in HTML and PDF.



The files with no architecture specified are BZip2 source tarballs (urbi-sdk-2.7.6.tar.bz2). Use them only if you are ready to compile Urbi SDK yourself.


GNU/Linux and Mac OS X packages are regular BZip2 tarballs.


The packages depend on the version of Visual C++ you use: 2005 or 2008.

Windows packages in "*.exe" contain an installer that installs both debug and release libraries, an UObject wizard for Visual C++, Gostai Editor and Gostai Console. Using the installers is strongly recommended.

If you know what you are doing, you might want to use the "*.zip" files. They come in two flavors: debug or release. They require that you have MS Visual C++ installed, or that you run "vcredist.exe" that can be found here.


[DIR]Parent Directory -
[   ]urbi-sdk-2.7.6.tar.bz2 31MUrbi SDK and documentation
[   ]urbi-sdk-2.7.6-macos-x86-gcc4.tar.bz2103MUrbi SDK and documentation
[   ]urbi-sdk-2.7.6-linux-x86_64-precise-release.tbz 42MUrbi SDK and documentation
[   ]urbi-sdk-2.7.6-linux-x86_64-precise-debug.tbz 79MUrbi SDK and documentation
[   ]urbi-sdk-2.7.6-linux-x86-gcc4.tar.bz2 95MUrbi SDK and documentation
[   ]urbi-doc-2.7.6.tar.bz2 80MDocumentation of Urbi SDK
[DIR]doc/ -

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