Urbi SDK Remote for C++  2.7.5
ucontext.hh File Reference
#include <libport/fwd.hh>
#include <libport/utime.hh>
#include <urbi/uvalue.hh>
#include "urbi/ucontext.hxx"
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class  urbi::UAutoValue
 UValue with implicit constructors. More...
class  urbi::UContext
 Methods available in both UObject and UVar Wrapper around UContextImpl to enable access through inheritance. More...


namespace  urbi

Global definition of the starterlist.


enum  urbi::UObjectMode { urbi::MODE_PLUGIN = 1, urbi::MODE_REMOTE }
 Possible UObject running modes. More...


impl::UContextImpl * urbi::getCurrentContext ()
 Will be used if no context is explicitly passed.
void urbi::setCurrentContext (impl::UContextImpl *impl)
void urbi::echo (const char *format,...)
 echo method