Urbi SDK Remote for C++  2.7.5
uclient.cc File Reference
#include <libport/ctime>
#include <libport/csignal>
#include <boost/lambda/bind.hpp>
#include <libport/boost-error.hh>
#include <libport/format.hh>
#include <urbi/uclient.hh>
#include <urbi/utag.hh>
#include <liburbi/compatibility.hh>
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namespace  urbi

Global definition of the starterlist.


 GD_CATEGORY (Urbi.Client)
void urbi::execute (void)
 Must be called at the last line of your main() function.
void urbi::exit (int code)
 Terminate your Urbi program.
UClient & urbi::connect (const std::string &host)
 Create a new UClient object.
void urbi::disconnect (UClient &client)
 Destroy an UClient object Be careful: don't use client after called this function.

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Definition in file uclient.cc.

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GD_CATEGORY ( Urbi.  Client)