Urbi SDK Remote for Java  2.7.5
urbi.USound Class Reference

Class encapsulating sound information. More...

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Public Member Functions

 USound (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
synchronized void delete ()
void deleteData ()
String format_string ()
 Return a legible definition of imageFormat.
long getChannels ()
byte[] getData ()
long getRate ()
USoundSampleFormat getSampleFormat ()
long getSampleSize ()
long getSize ()
USoundFormat getSoundFormat ()
void init ()
boolean isEqual (USound b)
void setChannels (long value)
void setData (byte[] value)
void setRate (long value)
void setSampleFormat (USoundSampleFormat value)
void setSampleSize (long value)
void setSize (long value)
void setSoundFormat (USoundFormat value)

Static Public Member Functions

static long getCPtr (USound obj)
static USound make ()
 Return an empty instance.

Protected Member Functions

void finalize ()

Protected Attributes

boolean swigCMemOwn

Detailed Description

Class encapsulating sound information.

This class does not handle its memory: the data field must be freed manualy.

Definition at line 18 of file USound.java.

Member Function Documentation

static USound urbi.USound.make ( ) [static]

Return an empty instance.

Not a constructor so that we can still put it in a union.

Definition at line 47 of file USound.java.

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