Urbi SDK Remote for Java  2.7.5
urbi.UDictionary Class Reference
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class  UDictionaryEntry
class  UDictionarySet
class  UDictionarySetIterator

Public Member Functions

 UDictionary (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
 UDictionary (UDictionary arg0)
void clear ()
boolean containsKey (String key)
boolean containsValue (UValue value)
void del (String key)
synchronized void delete ()
boolean empty ()
Set< Entry< String, UValue > > entrySet ()
UValue get (String key)
UDictionaryCPPIterator getIterator ()
boolean isEmpty ()
UValue put (String key, UValue x)
UList put (String key, UList v)
UBinary put (String key, UBinary v)
USound put (String key, USound v)
UImage put (String key, UImage v)
String put (String key, String v)
int put (String key, int v)
long put (String key, long v)
double put (String key, double v)
boolean put (String key, boolean v)
float put (String key, float v)
char put (String key, char v)
UValue remove (String key)
int size ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static long getCPtr (UDictionary obj)

Protected Member Functions

void finalize ()

Protected Attributes

boolean swigCMemOwn

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

boolean urbi.UDictionary.containsValue ( UValue  value)


Definition at line 76 of file UDictionary.java.

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