About This Part

This part covers the specific features of Urbi for some of the platforms it was ported to. Environments not described in this part are covered in separate, stand-alone, documentations.
  Listing 24 Bioloid
Using the Bioloid robot construction kit with Urbi.
  Listing 25 Mindstorms NXT
LEGO Mindstorms NXT is a programmable robotics kit released by Lego in July 2006, replacing the first-generation LEGO Mindstorms kit. The kit consists of 519 Technic pieces, 3 servo motors, 4 sensors (ultrasonic, sound, touch, and light), 7 connection cables, a USB interface cable, and the NXT Intelligent Brick.
  Section 26 Nao
Programming Aldebaran’s Nao using Urbi.
  Listing 27 Pioneer 3-DX
Pioneer 3-DX8 is an agile, versatile intelligent mobile robotic platform updated to carry loads more robustly and to traverse sills more surely with high-performance current management to provide power when it’s needed.
  Section 28 Segway RMP
The Segway Robotic Mobility Platform is a robotic platform based on the Segway Personal Transporter.
  Section 29 Spykee
The Spykee is a WiFi-enabled robot built by Meccano (known as Erector in the United States). It is equipped with a camera, speaker, microphone, and moves using two tracks.
  Listing 30 Webots
Using Cyberbotics’ Webots simulation environment with Urbi.