Part I
Urbi and UObjects User Manual

3 The UObject API
 3.1 Compiling UObjects
 3.2 Creating a class, binding variables and functions
 3.3 Creating new instances
 3.4 Binding functions
 3.5 Notification of a variable change or access
 3.6 Data-flow based programming: exchanging UVars
 3.7 Timers
 3.8 The special case of sensor/effector variables
 3.9 Using Urbi variables
 3.10 Emitting events
 3.11 UObject and Threads
 3.12 Using binary types
 3.13 Using hubs to group objects
 3.14 Sending urbiscript code
 3.15 Using RTP transport in remote mode
4 Use Cases
 4.1 Writing a Servomotor Device
 4.2 Using Hubs to Group Objects
 4.3 Writing a Camera Device
 4.4 Writing a Speaker or Microphone Device
 4.5 Writing a Softdevice: Ball Detection