About This Part

This part covers the Urbi architecture: its core components (client/server architecture), how its middleware works, how to include extensions as UObjects (C ++ components) and so forth. No knowledge of the urbiscript language is needed. As a matter of fact, Urbi can be used as a standalone middleware architecture to orchestrate the execution of existing components.

Yet urbiscript is a feature that “comes for free”: it is easy using it to experiment, prototype, and even program fully-featured applications that orchestrate native components. The interested reader should read either the urbiscript user manual (Listing II), or the reference manual (Section 19).

  Listing 3 The UObject API
This section shows the various steps of writing an Urbi C ++ component using the UObject API.
  Listing 4 Use Cases
Interfacing a servomotor device as an example on how to use the UObject architecture as a middleware.