Getting Urbi messages

The urbiGet function receives the next unread message from the Urbi server, parses it, and outputs the content in a umessage struct:

>> urbiSend(myrobot,'var myChan ="myChan");')
>> urbiSend(myrobot,'myChan << 1+1;')
>> urbiGet(myrobot)

ans = 

    timeStamp: 103453
         chan: 'myChan'
         type: 'numeric'
        value: 2

The umessage struct contains the following fields:

 umessage.timeStamp  : the time stamp of the message
 umessage.chan       : the channel of the message
 umessage.type       : the type of the message: 'numeric', 'string',
                       'list', 'system', 'object', 'image', 'sound',
                        or 'otherBIN'
 umessage.value      : message content:
                          numeric         if type == numeric
                          character array if type == string
                          cell array      if type == list
                          character array if type == system
                          character array if type == object
                          character array if type == image
                          struct          if type == sound
                               (with fields samples, Fs, nbits, length)
                          bytes array     if type == otherBIN


Parsing in the current liburbi-matlab suffers some limitations. Currently, binary values are not supported when they occur in a list or in an 'object' message type. If such a message is encountered, the input buffer will be corrupted and subsequent liburbi-matlab operations will be compromised. To restore a proper state of the input buffer, use the urbiClearConnection function:

>> urbiClearConnection(myrobot)