Chapter 4. Develop with Eclipse

Table of Contents

Import the liburbi java project
Run the examples

Import the liburbi java project

We provide a sample Eclipse project configuration that you can import in Eclipse and use to create your project using Liburbi Java. We illustrate here how you can do this:
  • Open Eclipse
  • Right click in the Package Explorer panel and select 'import' (or go in File/import)
  • Select 'Existing Projects into Workspace' in the opened windows
  • Click 'Next'
  • Enter the path of the sdk-remote java on your computer
  • Eclipse should find .project file in the provided and display the 'liburbi' project
  • Select the 'liburbi' project and click 'Finish'

The liburbi Java project is loaded. You can see the three packages of liburbi: liburbi.main, liburbi.image and liburbi.sound. From the source in these three packages, we made liburbijava.jar, that you can use in your applications. You can also see the sources of the different examples we provide. We put them in the packages examples.nameofexample. You can inspire yourself from these examples to make your own application. Here, we will see how to compile and run them in eclipse

NB: If Eclipse complains about errors in the source code, it can be that your compiler compliance level is two low. You have to set the compiler compliance level to Java 5 at least (Windows/Preferences/Java/Compiler).