Remote Presence System


Teleportation made real
Have you ever dreamt to be able to teleport yourself anywhere with a snap of your fingers? This is exactly what you can do now with Jazz.

The principle is simple: Jazz stands in a remote location and will serve as your personal avatar. It can move and perceive its surrounding with its embedded camera, speaker and microphone. Far away, in your office, you start your favorite web browser and connect to Jazz through a simple web interface. You can see what it sees, and move it around to interact with the people there.

This is called telepresence, as you can easily and remotely take part in a meeting, visit a place and see what is happening in your office or factory in a natural and interactive way. Jazz is perfect whenever you need to be present in a remote location you cannot go in person, or for teleworkers who need to be connected to their offices.

Jazz can be used by anyone, given an access to the Internet on a computer or smartphone. It is extremely easy to control Jazz: you simply click on the real-time image displayed on the interface by using the 3D pointer to indicate the direction to follow.

No complicated installation is needed, Jazz can connect itself to the Internet via a wifi connection, and all you need on your side is a standard web browser.

You can also hear what is said around Jazz and speak back using a simple microphone or webcam like you would if you where there in person. On top of that, Jazz's head is fitted with a LCD screen (optional and not displayed here) that can display your face or a picture, so that people know who is controlling Jazz.
Save time & money
Jazz lets you work effectively & efficiently from a distant place. As a result, you will save on business trips, boost productivity on a daily basis, quickly manage problems in multiple distant locations and save on commuting time if you work from home.

A new way of communicating
Unlike traditional videoconferencing systems, Jazz is mobile and its head can rotate to give a sense of its surroundings.It is easily remote-controlled through an intuitive web interface, and it gives you more freedom to interact with Jazz's surroundings the way you want.

You can be fully immersed in Jazz's environment and communicate in a natural way, making the whole experience less formal than with traditional teleconference devices. You will be surprised to enjoy a 5min walk in your company's office while you are waiting at the airport, and just say hi to you colleagues and see how that important project is progressing. It is that simple!

Interoperable & secure
Many companies face problems of interoperability between several videoconferencing equipments.
Typically, systems in place barely allow videoconferencing with customers or suppliers unless their equipments come from the same vendors. On the opposite, Jazz relies on fully standard solutions: a simple computer with a browser for the remote person. At the same time, conversations and videos transiting through Jazz are perfectly protected and secure.
Access rights and permissions can be scheduled and controlled through a sophisticated administration interface. Send a temporary URL to your customer and guide him for a tour of the factory through Jazz.


How to use Jazz?


What is the difference between Jazz Connect and usual teleconference devices?

Jazz Connect is a new way of communicating with each other.
Check below the key differences between traditional videoconferencing systems and Jazz Connect:

Jazz Teleconference device
Checks problems on factory floor, warehouses...
Effective working with spontaneous conversation
Full interoperability
Easy setup
Easy access on a web browser
Attractive design

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