Urbi comes from the academic world and is designed for demanding research projects.

Gostai is involved in many national or European research projects and contributes to research in robotics and AI through its academics support program.

Discover how Urbi and Gostai Suite can help you save your time on software engineering, and focus more on Science.


Urbi comes from the academics world

Urbi has been developed for several years in the Cognitive Robotics Lab in ENSTA ParisTech, to facilitate the integration and the development of programs for various robots, as part of a research conducted in the field of developmental robotics. It was specifically designed to fill the needs of roboticists in terms of flexibility, Open Source access, ease of use and modularity.

Available modules
Graphical tools
Custom developments
Here are few benefits of Urbi in the context of scientific research:
  • Urbi is Open Source and free to use
  • Urbi is based on C/C++ and is interfaced with familiar languages: python, matlab, java
  • Urbi is fast and you can extend it through the UObject distributed component architecture
  • The urbiforge website provides access to a large community of users
  • Urbi has advanced functionalities needed in robotics: a model for parallel and event-based execution, integrated components and a client/server approach for flexibility
  • Urbi can be used together with Gostai Suite, a set of graphical programming tools for HFSM and reconfigurable interfaces
  • Gostai supports Urbi and can provide help and custom developments if needed
Available modules
The most important point is the amount of available modules in Urbi:
  • You can get free modules here, which include common drivers and algorithms
  • OpenCV binding (2010)
  • Transparent ROS binding (2010): communicate with ROS components through Urbi.
  • Transparent python binding (2010): import python libraries to use in your urbiscript code
Gaphical tools
Discover here what you can do with the Gostai Suite extension of Urbi:

Gostai Studio Hierarchical
Finite State Machines

Gostai Lab reconfigurable and programmable interfaces
We can assist you in developing your particular Urbi project
We regularly organize 2 day training sessions in Paris and around the world
Custom developments
You need a specific module to be developed? Ask us, and we will see how we can help you.