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Industrial and Service Robotics raise challenges in terms of complexity, security and compliance with international standards.See how Gostai RTC and Gostai Studio Pro can help you to achieve your goals better and faster.


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The Gostai Suite Pro includes Gostai Studio Pro, our graphical behavior editor, and shipped with Gostai Lab Pro, a universal remote controller, to easily program and interact with your robot.


High interoperability
Support standard
Inspection and dynamic access
  • If Gostai runtime is present on a specific robot, you are ready to start using it in less than 5 minutes.
  • Gostai Studio allows to work on the application without bothering with the glue code. Just press play in the Studio and the robot starts to move.
  • Simulation allows to test ideas easily and to do the whole development cycle without doing costly hardware changes.
  • Gostai SDK comes with a powerful scripting language called Urbiscript, which offers powerful abstraction for event based programming and parallelism.
  • Supported hardware for Gostai runtimes:
    • x86 processors
    • arm processors with speed as low as 150MHz
    • on request, any processor supporting a C++ toolchain
  • Supported operating systems for Gostai runtimes:
    • windows
    • linux
    • Mac OS
  • Supported operating systems for graphical tools:
    • windows
    • on request: linux, Mac OS
High interoperability
  • You can write all your code in C or C++
  • You can (but don't have to) use urbiscript to glue your components together to describe the robot mission.
Support standard
  • Gostai SDK comes with Gostai RTC which is the best implementation of the OMG standardRTC available on the market (Robotic Technology Component)
  • Gostai RTC components can be written and assembled in pure C++
  • Gostai RTC components can also be orchestrated using urbiscript and mixed with UObjects
  • Gostai Urbi was designed for speed.
    • Data processing code can be written in C or C++ and is as efficient as any C/C++ code.
  • Real time : Gostai engine pro runs on real time OSes.
    • Gostai runtime pro is available as a Linux Xenomai task and will schedule high lever behaviors
    • Orchestration code is written in urbiscript and executed on light weight threads for which context switch is 10 times faster than linux thread context switch.
Powerful tools are available
  • Gostai Lab
    • Create in 5 minutes a graphical user interface for your specific need.
  • Gostai Studio
    • Gostai Studio to design easily powerful hierarchical state machines and to create behaviors
    • Gostai Studio has a powerful state diagram approach as you can see on this video.
Inspection and dynamic accessUne inspection et un accès dynamique
  • inspect what is happening in your robot live with a telnet client
  • interact with a running robot
  • start and stop components while the system is running
  • configure statically or dynamically the assembly of components
  • programmable debugging
  • display and inspect data-flows live
  • Develop custom applications
  • Adapt Urbi to changing client needs
  • Provide quickly a fix whenever an error is spotted
  • Training sessions
IDE (Integrated development environment)
  • any C++ IDE supporting visual studio compiler or gcc to develop UObjects
  • Gostai studio, emacs, jedit to edit Urbi script
  • mapping and localization