Discover Urbi and GostaiNet applied to low-cost consumer robotics solutions.

Consumer Robotics, especially in the market of low-cost robots, needs advanced and robust applications for entertainment,security, surveillance or elderly care.

Discover what you can do with Urbi and GostaiNet in your robot.
Open Source
Urbi is Open Source, if you are a manufacturer of consumer robots, you can use Urbi for free as the OS of your robot. We also offer support for integration and affordable license plans if you don't want to integrate your proprietary code together with Urbi with our commercial license.



Low cost but powerful
GostaiNet makes it possible to remotely run on our servers complex robotics behaviors including artificial intelligence advanced vision and speech algorithms, on any compatible robot. The robot intelligence is no more in the robot itself but remotely executed on the cloud.


Time to market
  • Urbi is Open Source, you can have it for free in your robot. The license is the GNU AGPL v3.
  • We have invested years of developement to create Urbi and provide advanced solutions to robotics developers. You can benefit from all of this and save a lot of hidden development costs.
  • GostaiNet allows you to use less expensive hardware by moving heavy computation to the cloud.
Time to market
  • Gostai offers many turn-key solutions: OS, components, graphical tools for developers and end-users, and a robotics cloud computing architecture.
  • All this software can be used as-is or adapted to your needs for a quicker time-to-market.
  • GostaiNet provides seamless control of any robot, using a web browser from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Urbi Ready robot. You just have to login on a dedicated web site, and here you go, controlling the robot.
  • GostaiNet provides a way to run on remote servers many complex modules, which could not run inside cheap robots.
  • Gostai can develop remote services on demand. Examples of what we have done so far includes remote speech synthesis, remote speech recognition, flash games,...
  • Gostai can host your services on the GostaiNet robotics cloud.
  • Gostai has been working with home robots manufacturers for more than 6 years.
  • More than 15 robots have been made compatible with Urbi, among them: Aibo, Spykee, Rovio, Nao, Lego NXT, Bioloid, ePuck.
  • The Gostai Team can help you, leveraging its expertize to design better robots.
  • Urbiscript allows a community to create behaviors.
  • Urbi is simple to use, you can expect to witness a larger community creating content, compared to other plateforms.
  • Urbiscript is dynamic, there is no need to compile code. You can just try your ideas immediately. We usually observe a 1 to 5 ratio of productivity of Urbi against competing or home-made solutions.
  • Graphical tools provide an even easier customization experience.
Many components are available off the shelf:
  • OpenCV binding providing a lot of advanced vision algorithms (2010).
  • Free TTS for all urbified robots (2010).
  • Many components are available on urbiforge.
  • Urbi is Open Source, and has a large community.
  • The website provides access to a large community of users, and a forum where you can ask questions
Unlike most robotics platforms and middleware, Urbi is supported by a company able to:
  • Develop custom applications.
  • Adapt Urbi to changing client needs.
  • Provide quickly a fix whenever an error is spotted.
  • provide training sessions.
  • Gostai Urbi was designed for speed.
    • The data processing code can be written in C or C++ and is as efficient as any C/C++ code.
    • The orchestration code is written in urbiscript and executed on lightweight threads for which context switch is 10 times faster than Linux thread context switch.
Powerful tools are available for the developer and the end-users:
  • Gostai Lab
    • Create in 5 minutes a graphical user interface for your specific need.
    • End users can create remote controllers and applications and then share them.
  • Gostai Studio
    • Gostai Studio to design easily powerful hierarchical state machines, and to create robotics behaviors.
    • Light version are available to allow end-users to program your robot. You don't have to spend tons of money and time to create a complex GUI.
  • Gostai can customize these applications on demand.
  • Supported hardware for Gostai runtimes:
    • x86 processors.
    • arm processors with speed as low as 150MHz.
    • on request, any processor supporting a C++ toolchain.
  • Supported operating systems for Gostai runtimes:
    • Windows.
    • Linux.
    • Mac OS.
  • Supported operating systems for graphical tools:
    • Windows.
    • on request: linux, Mac OS.