Gostai was born in March 2006, founded by Jean-Christophe Baillie to foster the development of the growing "Smart Machines" industry.

Focusing first on software, with the Urbi open source Operating System, Gostai quickly developped a large set of tools to help in the design of complex applications for advanced autonomous systems, including the Gostai Suite, and the GostaiNet architecture.

In 2011, Gostai unveiled its first mobile telepresence device, Jazz, which integrates years of know how in the software domain into a new telecommunication tool aimed at businesses.

We are now a growing team of more than 20 people, all passionate about innovation and decided to contribute to the improvement of the world through technology.

Gostai receives support from the following organizations:


Oseo provides assistance and financial support to French companies in the most decisive phases of their life cycle : start up, innovation, development, business transfer / buy out. Oseo supports Gostai for its innovative technology-based projects.


Cap Digital is a business cluster for digital content, providing community key information, networks, and resources: ongoing competitive intelligence, training, partnerships, funding solutions, project reviews, and a vital group energy.


The ANR is a public institution for the management of administrative issues, and funding agency for research projects, with the double mission of producing new knowledge and promoting interaction between public laboratories and industrial laboratories.


Agoranov is a public incubator for small innovative companies associated with public research.


The regional council offers a wide range of grants to companies in Île-de-France

UBIFRANCE supports French companies to develop business opportunities and enter foreign markets.